Photogrammetry is a technique within topography that is mainly used to obtain maps and plans of large areas of land by means of aerial photography, with which the shape, dimension or position in an area of ​​a land can be studied and precisely defined of an object or surface. In surveying, the technique of drone photogrammetry works with images obtained at a high altitude to achieve greater coverage of the surface of the terrain to be analyzed, with which it is possible not only to measure surfaces, but also to have a sample of the geomorphology or reliefs, this through the shadows that the geoforms generate throughout the day.

Aerial photography survey allows you to model a surface in 3D, generate plans and carry out measurements (lengths, areas, volumes).

We offer a product with high spatial resolution to be viewed in different open source or licensed software, our product is highly accurate thanks to our field methodology and state-of-the-art equipment.

High resolution orthophoto

Obtaining digital orthophotos allows us to generate a product from which a series of measurements and analyzes can be carried out with centimeter precision and without having deformations in any of the points of the project.

Products such as the following can be obtained

  • Measurement of any point in the orthophoto to real scale
  • Calculation of areas
  • Vectorization of information such as roads, transmission lines, bodies of water
  • Aerial digital orthophotography of lagunas de miralta to measure distances as surfaces at scale

Digital elevation model

With this product, we will be able to carry out a series of analyzes based on the elevation of the elements of the survey and, after further processing, of the terrain of the same, obtaining results such as:

  1. Level curves
  2. Slope analysis
  3. Rain flow and direction analysis
  4. Flood zone analysis
  5. Applications in risk atlases
  6. Digital elevation model with respect to mean sea level
Modelo digital de elevación con respecto al nivel medio del mar

Drone Photogrammetry Services

  • Surveys for preliminary studies
  • Tracing of paths
  • Volumetric calculations
  • Level curves
  • Topography of areas with difficult access
  • Digital models, point cloud and orthomosaics
  • Survey studies
  • Planning of new electrical transmission lines
  • Mine exploration and planning
  • Mining infrastructure
  • Mine in operation
  • Forest industry
  • Agricultural industry

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