Projects Supervision

With a direct supervision in job site we carry out aerial and ground monitoring to periodically document the progress of the project, obtaining the necessary information for decision making much faster than traditional methods, with the advantage of being able to access this evidence from any location with access to Internet.

The progress and control in the job site can be done through aerial recordings and their deferred reproduction or in real time through the transmission of video over the local network or the Internet, a service with which we replace the need to have and move your supervision personnel to the place of construction.

Supervisión de actividades en planta de concreto

Applying photogrammetry techniques, topography, 3D scanning and our equipment, we can offer a wide range of solutions in your work control to achieve:

  • Reduction of deadlines
  • Increase in the quality of results
  • Costs reduction
  • Risk reduction
  • Comprehensive asset management

Access your work supervision with the reporting platform

Our deliverables can be consulted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without the need to invest in equipment or software.

mapa y ubicación que se presenta en el reporte de control de obra

Advantages of our visualization tool:

  1. Permanent “On Demand” access
  2. Easy and practical management of your projects
  3. Costs reduction
  4. Share and review your project information with colleagues at the construction site, local offices or corporate headquarters.

High resolution essential for detail detection

Fotografías de alta definición permiten localizar puntos clave de su obra

High-definition photographs allow you to locate key points of your work

  • Infrastructure
  • All kinds of constructions

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