Drone Thermography

Infrared drone thermography is a proven inspection technique in the maintenance of electrical, mechanical and thermal process equipment. The visualization of thermal images called thermograms together with the ability to measure non-contact radiometric surface temperature make this technique the most powerful tool for locating and evaluating hot spot and defects for electrical, thermal and mechanical equipment’s maintenance.

Drone thermography or aerial thermography is a common technique in the industrial, construction and energy sectors, allowing a precisely measure of the temperatures in an object without the need of physical contact.

An aggregated value has being proven when thermographic cameras are included in industrial, agricultural, building, salvage and rescue inspection projects, among others.

High voltage substations and towers

Drone thermography helps maintenance managers detect an abnormality before the actual problem occurs. We carry out a photographic inspection of hot spots on boards, transformers, emergency plants, power equipment, motors and main terminals using thermographic shots with specialized equipment, identifying failures in the electrical installation due to overheating of conductors and connections at strategic points.

Our method of reviewing large amounts of facilities or terrain is aerially with in a single flight, this allows access to difficult or almost impractical areas without any human risk. With this technology we can detect failures in the insulation and overheating of an electrical line.

Termografía de Transformador de Corriente de 115 KV Fase A

Industrial and Architectural

For industrial and building inspection, thermography can help detect an abnormality before it becomes a major problem, avoiding costly breakdowns, saving time and money.

Having a thermal imaging camera on a drone can be used to check facilities or terrain on a flight, as well as access areas that are difficult access safely.

Detailed thermal images are obtained in real time, which allow an analysis of a structure in the interior or of a building, which allows us to evaluate condition and detect a potential problem. We can detect the problem of water leaks through non-destructive techniques, which allow us to identify the damaged part. Saving time and increasing security.

Termografía de edificación para comprobar escapes de calor en estructura


With temperature measuring the water stress suffered by a plant can be obtain. Some pests cause the temperature to rise tens of degrees and by detecting it, the farmer can take steps to save the crop.

  • Applications:
  • Inspection of substations and high voltage lines.
  • Inspection of Wind Turbines and Solar Panels
  • Comprehensive inspection service and predictive diagnosis based on thermography
  • Comprehensive inspection and predictive mechanical diagnostic service based on thermography
  • Heat leak detection
  • Liquid leak detection
  • Insulation: Refractories for furnaces, insulated pipes, tanks, rooms, buildings and industrial warehouses, etc.
  • Industrial heat and cold process equipment: Exchangers, Tanks, Pipes, Valves, Boilers, Rollers, Trommel, etc.
  • Components: Electronics, Electricity, Automotive, Glass, Ceramics, etc.
  • Crop field thermography to determine plant health
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Termografía de campo de cultivo para determinar salud de plantas

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