Our drone service is used in the energy industry for monitoring and inspection operations. The use of RPAS is beginning to gain importance over traditional methods. This is because they are safer, faster and cheaper than conventional inspection techniques such as rope access and scaffolding. This means huge cost savings, as these platforms shutdowns cost millions of dollars in lost revenue every day.

The farms of wind generators and solar panels are the future of the planet, and for this reason we want to support the companies that generate this type of energy, being able to save time, effort, risk and money in supervising the operation and maintenance of these devices that are characterized by their large size and difficult access, with drones we go further and deliver the evidence in photo and / or video.

Using Drone for Solar Energy

Thanks to the great stability of our drones and the use of thermal imaging cameras, we can detect faulty elements in photovoltaic and solar thermal plants.

This allows you to:

  • Cost calculations derived from malfunctions
  • Improve corrective, predictive and preventive maintenance
  • Higher speed in inspections
  • Maintenance cost reduction
  • Robust digital reporting of results
Vista aérea de parque fotovoltáico al norte de México

Using Drone for Eolic Energy

Currently the cost of inspection and maintenance of wind turbines can represent up to 5% of the total value of the park. The use of drones for these tasks has considerably reduced this cost.

We make possible:

  • Reduction of maintenance and inspection costs
  • Human risk reduction
  • Location of structural problems and leakage of lubricants
  • Higher speed in inspections
  • Robust digital reporting of results
Inspección y mantenimiento a aerogeneradores.


  • Topographic and photogrammetric survey
  • Inspection of lines and substations
  • Thermography
  • LiDAR
  • Plans of high voltage towers of parks
  • Georeferenced infrastructure catalog
  • Maintenance to electrical substations

If you are a company in the energy sector and you want advice as well as the implementation of our services, contact us here..