We are experts in topographic and photogrammetric surveys of transmission lines and catenaries. Generating information needed in projects for new transmission lines and electrical substations, as well as inspection flights and certified thermography for maintenance of high voltage towers, electrical substations and their components.

From the planimetry, the drone will obtain the location points of the high voltage electrical towers and their height property. In addition, it allows the identification, mapping and labeling of objects that generate interference with transmission lines.

vuelo manual con drone equipado con sensores de alta definición para generar informes semiautomatizados del estado de cada torre.

Likewise, we carry out the vectorization of the transmission line by means of 3D diagrams of the towers.

With a manual drone flights equipped with high definition sensors, which allow us to generate semi-automated reports on the status of each tower. The photographs obtained, being high resolution, allow to visualize the defects or malfunctions of the elements, these details are indicated in a timely manner in reports and georeferenced digital files, reducing the response time in the repair orders of the elements.

Maintenance teams can take immediate and timely action on towers that show a deficiency in their operation, reducing time, effort, costs and risk for personnel.

Positioning GPS control points along the study sections for a correct georeferenced data of the project, we are able to obtain a compliance with the regulation topographic and photometric projections and identification of transmission lines, catenaries and substations.


  • Topographic and photogrammetric survey
  • Inspection of high voltage lines and substations
  • Certified thermography
  • LiDAR
  • High voltage tower plans
  • Georeferenced infrastructure catalog
  • Maintenance to electrical substations

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